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System Design By IT Architects From Poland

Your Application's Success Starts with Careful Planning and Individual Treatment, We Know That Each Software Is Unique

IT Architect work

We help existing and new systems


Idea Analysis

Define the Target System


Proof of Concept

We offer this service for entrepreneurs that have great ideas but are not sure if there are existing a ways to implement them. This service can cover a range of workshops, proof of concept and even simple MVP construction. We will help You to validate Your idea and deliver materials that can be used to gather feedback.


At Techs, we recognized the critical need for well-thought-out planning and transparent architectural explanations for applications, prompting us to fill this void and deliver superior custom software solutions. Our IT architects, solution architects, and cloud architects ensure meticulous planning and execution for all projects, providing the highest quality service tailored to your specific needs.

Contribute to Open Source

First of all we like programming, being able to contribute to open source and allow other companies to use our solutions is amazing feeling.


Programming News for Geeks


- which software architecture and cloud provider will be best for Your project ?
- do I need software requirements specification ?
- how to describe a project requirements to get reliable quote and delivery timeline ?
- who is needed to develop my project ?

Igor Miazek - IT Architect, solution architect, cloud architect

Igor Miazek

CEO & Founder

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