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Each IT product need a solid foundation. Our development process start with Preparatory Phase which results in Software requirements document (also known as software requirements specifications) which is a document that describes the intended use-case, features, and challenges of a software application.  Thanks to it we are eliminating around 90% of problems that could popup in Development Step otherwise.

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Business Intelligence Dashboard

Political Consulting, Data Integration, Geo spatial data

Polstrat is a political consulting agency which provide rich and meaningful expertise for their clients.  Polstrat use a lot of different data sources ranging from census and electoral data to geo spatial and survey data. Because of the amount of data sources they use, they may give their clients multi-dimensional insights which help them to make right decisions.

We helped Polstrat to create business intelligence dashboard which integrate a lot of data sources Polstrat and their clients owns. Dashboard gives control over the upload process, cleaning, transformation and authorization of the data. Geo spatial data is encompassed with numeric data to create rich maps with insights.

We hope that thanks to dashboard Polstrat will be able to scale their business and offer their analytical thinking to wider audience.

Client Review available here.

Technologies: Python, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services(EC2, S3), docker, docker-compose, React, nodejs, RabbitMQ,, Celery.


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