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Smart code coverage

100 % code coverage is a myth, each line of code being tested doesn't guarantee high quality. Too many tests in dynamic and young projects cause maintenance problems as code base change with high frequency. Don't forget about integration tests and end to end tests, in now days software can be composed of many interacting services, testing if communication between them is correct is critical.


Solution Blueprint

Our Python Code is inline with solution blueprint. We first draw how to solve the problem than we implement it in the code. Software is a complicated beast when You consider how many components need to be used, we know that only good visual blueprint can let You grasp the whole.


State of ART

We obey PEP-8 standards, using type annotation, making performance checks and using continuous development to deliver best quality products in reasonable time.

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Each IT product need a solid foundation. Our development process start with Preparatory Phase which results in Software requirements document (also known as software requirements specifications) which is a document that describes the intended use-case, features, and challenges of a software application.  Thanks to it we are eliminating around 90% of problems that could popup in Development Step otherwise.

Real Time Database Watcher

Software Engineering, Cloud Computing

Main use case, trigger Alibaba Cloud resources in response to changes in MongoDB in real time.


At the time of writing Alibaba Cloud doesn't offer a possibility to register a trigger on MongoDB documents changes. We created a system and protocol that allow on registering a watcher on mongodb change stream( and triggering Alibaba Cloud resources(function compute, serverless computing) when watcher condition is met.


For Continuous Development we used Github Actions, Ansible and Minikube(, Kubernetes Cluster for Development). For Production Infrastructure we used Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

Technologies: Python, pymongo, starlette, uvicorn, docker

Infrastructure: MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes, Alibaba Cloud(ECS, FC, AsparaDB), Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

Continious Development: Github actions, Gitlab pipelines, Ansible, Docker Registry


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