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chargin car

chargin car

e-mobility app

software engineering

software engineering

software engineering



IoT, raspberryPI

microservices, tailored solution

microservices, tailored solution

microservices, fastapi


Building really custom application require clearing of new trails and many times engaging into new problem domains, big companies will be always limited to how much their product can be customized as addition of new features is always done as answer to the most common request from their users and clients.

Custom development and quality improvement is built into TECHS. One of the areas in which we are experienced is e-mobility, for our client we were in need to build python library implementing OCPI protocol needed to connect 2 backend systems in order to exchange charge stations between them. When You come to us we try to understand Your problem and propose best available solution on the market, we advise You about how to spend project budget most efficiently, to use it first for project technological core value where using some existing services to cover basic things like emailing or notifications unless Your business code value is emailing :).

The secret is in project blueprint called software specification, that's how we make sure that we transfer ones idea into software features, right, so in short software spec is transformation  of one idea into coming software features, after we understand what the business is about we do a technological research to find out what is the best available way to solve the challenges, we never over complicate the problems if there is some good tool available You can be sure that we will pick it up and use in Your project.


TECHS is a mix of technological company that make use of latest discoveries like AI or blockchain but in the same time approaching software development very individually and in personalized way. We believe in mutual growth and taking the ownership of software development very seriously. 


Smart code coverage

100 % code coverage is a myth, each line of code being tested doesn't guarantee high quality. Too many tests in dynamic and young projects cause maintenance problems as code base change with high frequency. Don't forget about integration tests and end to end tests, in now days software can be composed of many interacting services, testing if communication between them is correct is critical.


Solution Blueprint

Our Python Code is inline with solution blueprint. We first draw how to solve the problem than we implement it in the code. Software is a complicated beast when You consider how many components need to be used, we know that only good visual blueprint can let You grasp the whole.


State of ART

We obey PEP-8 standards, using type annotation, making performance checks and using continuous development to deliver best quality products in reasonable time.

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