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Software Specification Document - Solution Architect 

Software Specification Document is a document containing business requirements called functional requirements and technical details called non functional requirements. Functional requirements cover definition of project and project terms, for example defining type of accounts: User, Admin and different Roles that can be apply to User account, maybe: Manager, Accountant (Roles  define to what resources account has access, Admin will have access to everything, where account is used to authentication process, using two factor authentication (2FA) or one time passcode (OTP). In project implementation phase those information will be used to build permission framework. But there is much more, project domain terms must be defined, for affiliate marketing it could be Campaign, Brand, Product, for project from gaming domain this will be reward mechanism. 


Use cases represent concrete functional requirements(features). If You plan to create server side application like application programming interface (REST API) this is obligatory to make sure that there is an alignment about end effect between project owner and development team . In this situation another approach is to use OPEN API specification it is used to define server resources/endpoints, that will be latter used by other applications web, mobile or maybe IoT and other server side application.

Software Specification is securing both sides. Project Owner gets reliable delivery date, Developer avoid burning budget on badly defined use cases. Don't get false feeling that Software can be created by omitting product design phase. It is very quick to create something as programming languages are very powerful and  give results fast, but somethings can be many times far a way of what is desired and final state.

We will create for You Software Specification Document covering Your business requirements(functional requirements) and proposing  best technological implementation(non functional requirements). Based on that any Development team can propose a well grounded fixed price.

Softwarespec case study

Our study case from last Software Specification is coming, in the mean time please check our work on clutch or upwork.

If You are not sure what to expect when requesting Software  Specification Document, check our example contract with vocabulary definition.

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