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Taking Over Existing Project: A Smooth Transition to Success

Project Disappointment?

Unveiling the Secrets to Successfully Finalizing Your Project.

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Our client is an exceptional individual with a background in finance and programming. We crossed paths on a freelance marketplace platform, and from the start, we hit it off. One of the reasons for our instant connection was the software specification we created before diving into the project's development. It was crucial for our client to have a precise understanding of whether we could deliver the entire project within their budget.

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Taking over the project from the previous team, who failed to meet our client's expectations, presented a unique challenge. Understandably, clients tend to be more cautious and skeptical when it comes to IT services in such situations. To build confidence, we didn't rely on any unusual tactics. Instead, we provided our client with access to all the tools we use for development, including Jira, GitHub, Slack, and Google Docs. Transparency became our golden rule, and it worked wonders. After all, IT products can be complex beasts, especially for those without technical expertise. To foster a trust-based relationship, we created weekly reports to ensure full budget control, which further solidified our client's trust in our capabilities.

What makes this project particularly intriguing is that our client possesses programming skills in Python. As part of the project, we had to integrate the code our client had created. Together, we made a significant decision not to start from scratch but rather focus on enhancing the existing codebase and seamlessly integrating it. The code we received was responsible for intricate financial calculations, and we feared that starting anew would consume excessive time without adding substantial value to the end product. Our top priority has always been to align our efforts with the client's business objectives.

Furthermore, though we had the complete software specification prepared, we decided to deliver the first milestone as a mixed bundle of multiple features. Our client needed to see tangible progress and evaluate if we could meet their expectations. Fortunately, the delivery was well-received, giving us the confidence to proceed with developing subsequent functionalities in accordance with the main roadmap.


Our collaboration with this exceptional client has been driven by open communication, a shared focus on their goals, and a commitment to transparency. Through careful integration, improvement of existing code, and timely milestone deliveries, we've established a strong and enjoyable working relationship.

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